Resume / References


Carol Ward

Editorial Director
Airport Experience News

To whom it may concern:

I’m writing to recommend Roger Schinkler as a tremendously talented Art Director.

Roger and I worked together at Airport Experience News (formerly Airport Revenue News) for more than 14 years. Among his many responsibilities was designing the print magazine, which is published 11 times a year. Each month he made the magazine look incredible. His talent was particularly noteworthy when I would submit a story for layout with very little art and less inspiration. No matter what the topic, Roger found a way to compellingly illustrate and design the article.

We are a small team at AXN. Schedules are tight and the workload can be overwhelming. Roger always came through with fantastic designs completed on deadline.

I’m happy to discuss further by phone or email.


Michael J McGuire

Account Executive

To whom it may concern:

I’m a sales professional for a large printing company for 29 years and counting.

I’ve worked with numerous graphic designers/artists and I consider Roger to be one of the best. He has a through knowledge of printing and is a true professional. Attention to detail and design is his forte.

We have enjoyed a 14-year partnership and I recommend Roger highly.


Pauline Armbrust

founder and CEO
Airport Revenue News

To whom it may concern:

This letter is to endorse the qualities, talent and skill sets of Roger Schinkler, who worked for me for nearly 10 years. I was the founder and CEO of Airport Revenue News (currently Airport Experience News) and hired Roger as Creative Services Director.

Roger is a talented, gifted artist. He has an inherent design sense, creating a page or a piece of artwork with an intuitive vision and a passion to achieve it, no matter how intricate or complex. In fact he truly loves a creative challenge. When he designed a magazine cover or artwork for a feature story he was thoughtful about how to exemplify its essence. The outcome was always a clever, creative depiction with beauty, style and grace even under the pressure of deadlines.

I highly recommend Roger without reservation for any design or creative position. He is a loyal, reliable, independent, valuable team member. He works well with others and endears himself to those around him. He is serious about his work yet knows how to have fun and is a well-rounded, intelligent person. Any company will be lucky to have Roger on their team.

If you require further information about Roger’s professional skills feel free to contact me at the email or mobile number.


Ramon Lo

Airport Experience News

To whom it may concern:

I am writing this letter to recommend Roger Schinkler for a position within your company. Roger is an artist with a keen eye for arranging all the elements, such as color, images, and type, that are necessary to produce striking design be it in an ad, in the pages of a publication or on our website. Additionally, he is meticulous and orderly in his process and is always current on design trends.

For the last fifteen years Roger and I worked together at Airport Experience News, formerly Airport Revenue News, where he held the title of Director of Creative Services. In the most recent five years I have served as publisher of the business unit. During that time, I have challenged Roger to become even more bold and striking in his design. He responded by exceeding expectations. Additionally, Roger is responsible for establishing and maintaining the look and themes of all our collateral materials, websites and publications. When I decided to re-brand the company, Roger created a more contemporary identity package complete with logo, color schemes and a guideline for each of their use. The new look has resonated within the airport experience industry.

In all, Roger is a diligent worker and a loyal teammate. The sum of his training, experience and skills make Roger a valued addition to any team. I can comfortably say that Airport Experience News has benefited tremendously from his talents.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.


Paul Angelino

US Tradeshows

To whom it may concern:

I would like to take this opportunity to provide a little insight regarding Roger Schinkler. I have known Roger professionally for the last fourteen years in the capacity of Director of Creative Services at Airport Revenue News, and have worked with him directly on the their Annual Conference over that same time frame. Roger is an extremely creative person who can look at the end game and find a creative and professional path to successfully achieving the desired goal. His attention to detail is second to none, and there is never a "T" that is not crossed, or an "I" that is undotted. He consistently delivered a terrific product while keeping deadlines in mind.

Roger will be a great asset to any company, and 1 strongly endorse Roger and his ability.

Best regards,